The very short answer is YES. There is growing well researched evidence that clearly shows the benefits of early intervention. The reality is that many children with Autism who are exposed to early intervention therapies enter mainstream schooling successfully. Want more proof?

Early Intervention - does it work?

Let’s think about this for just a second.  The Government has had panels of experts looking at a National Disability Insurance Scheme for some years AND the NDIS is funding early intervention. That should be enough proof for anyone.

We know that early intervention, specialised education and structured support can help, and the earlier an individual is diagnosed the better the outcomes. While every child is different and unique, recent studies have shown that some children with autism and intellectual development delays who receive pre-school therapy are able to integrate into mainstream schools following early intervention.

Will it work for everybody? The answer is probably not, but should that stop us from demanding early intervention, specialised education and support to ensure children with autism at least get an opportunity to lead a bright, positive and integrated life.