Research your local area
          Contact local groups
          Coordinate support groups
          Invite guest speakers

Since 2011 Lions Clubs across Australia have been writing to politicians at all three levels of government imploring them to increase funding for early intervention.

The announcement of implementation of a National Disability Insurance Scheme in April 2012 specifically includes early intervention and specifically includes assistance for autism. We Lions like to think that’s no accident – without the focus Lions provided it is very unlikely that we’d have this commitment on the political table.

At the Lions 2011 Multiple District Convention in Launceston, the ASD Project team tabled a paper titled "Ideas for Local Initiatives". This paper outlines recommendations from the ASD Working Party on what clubs can do. The paper can be downloaded by clicking here.

Since then we have worked hard to develop a range of ideas for Clubs. While this list is not exhaustive it certainly gives some leads on what needs to be done.

Don’t be fooled – the Lugarno Lions don’t for a moment think we have all the answers. There are many Lions worldwide who can come up with ways to help. If you have an idea, PLEASE let us know. The real strength of Lionism is our ability to work together to get things done.


  • Ask around – you will be surprised how many people you know who are already touched by autism
  • Find out if there is an autism ‘support network’ in your local area. Speak to local health service professionals, school principals, anyone in the know
  • Contact these local individuals and groups to see how you can help. Don’t forget it’s not just the person with autism who is suffering – the whole family including siblings has to make concessions every single day
  • See if your local doctor’s surgeries provide brochures on autism disorders. If not, ask why?





Sylvanvale Foundation General Manager Leanne Fretten -
(02) 8536 0120 or 8536 0100

Leanne and her team are experts on the topic of autism and the importance of early intervention preschool education and therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. Leanne has 10 years experience in the human services sector the majority of them spent in the disability arena

As a fellow Lion, I recommend Leanne to all Lions wishing to know more about this very confronting topic.  Leanne and her team would be honoured to be guest speakers at one of your next Lions Club meetings.

David Flynn, Lugarno Lions