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Funding  the  Education and Therapy of Pre-Schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Below is  information about costs involved in  providing early intervention preschool autistic education and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy by qualified health professionals. The therapy is carried out in the child`s home.

The therapists and supervisors are qualified in  ABA Therapy.  The therapists are engaged through a Medicare approved organisation. Therapists are trained, supervised and managed  by Medicare accredited allied health providers.   

The costings have been provided by a Medicare accredited organisation and are based on the use of therapists employed by that organisation.

The costings  are:

    20 hours of therapy per week at $4,500 each month is $54,000 a year.
    35 hours of therapy per week at $7,000 each month is $85,000 a year.

Note 1.    A child receiving 20 hours of  ABA each week would likely be attending a preschool autistic class at a special school for disabled children such as the Sylvanvale Foundation in the Sutherland Shire. The cost for two days of preschool each week is $10,000 per year, thus making a total of $64,000.

Note 2.    A child receiving 35 hours of therapy in a home schooling environment would not normally attend a special school for autistically disabled preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disordes.

Note3.    Families vary their pattern of usage of the services of therapy providers. Some families pay to have  family members trained as therapists.  Some families pay for  training non-family therapists and employ them directly.   This will reduce costs.  However wherever the  therapists come from they are guided by an ABA professional who conducts a fortnightly conference and guidance session which is an additional cost.

Comments about this information would be appreciated as would information about costs of other therapies.

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