Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is a confusing and challenging condition that affects one in 119 children and impacts enormously on their family.

Sadly, there is no known cure. But there is a way of improving greatly the quality of life of these young people – early intervention.

General Manager of the Sylvanvale Foundation, Leanne Fretten and her team are experts on the topic of autism and the importance of early intervention preschool education and therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. Leanne has 10 years experience in the human services sector the majority of them spent in the disability arena.

As a fellow Lion, I recommend Leanne to all Lions wishing to know more about this very confronting topic.  Leanne and her team would be honoured to be guest speakers at one of your next Lions Club meetings. Contact her now on (02) 8536 0120 or (02) 8536 0100. To find out more about the Sylvanvale Foundation visit

Lion David Flynn

Committee Chair

Preschool Autism Spectrum Disorders Education and Therapy Category “B” MD Project

Managing Club:  Lions Club of Lugarno Inc.